My name is Allison Harbison and I am a Republican candidate for County Judge.  I am a Shelby County Native who was raised on a boiler farm where we also raised cattle and horses.  After getting married in 1980, I worked as a teacher with the Head Start Program, as a Deputy County Clerk, and as a legal secretary and abstractor.  In 1989 my husband and I opened our own business, Shelbyville Grocery.  While running our business I graduated from Panola College and Stephen F. Austin State University.  Serving as your County Clerk for the past 13 years has been a privilege, one that I will always treasure. I have always had a passion for my job, always giving it 110%, and have always considered myself to be a public servant and not a politician.  Given my experiences from being raised on a chicken farm to business owner to public office, I not only understand life’s successes but also the hardships.  I believe that Shelby County has a bright future; we have innovative citizens and abundant resources.  I believe that I can help lead Shelby County by creating opportunities and infrastructure that will utilize our citizens and resources to best benefit Shelby County.  Becoming the County Judge of Shelby County has been a goal of mine for many years and I will bring the same dedication to this office as I have with county clerk.

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